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Bacteriophages "MediPhag" - protection without antibiotics

About company

About company OOO " Aziya immunopreparat »was created in 2014. It is located in the city of Tashkent. Has a license for pharmaceutical activity № P5073.

Main activities OOO «Aziya immunopreparat » development, production and sale of immunobiological drugs, in particular bacteriophages. Today LLC " Aziya immunopreparat ”is the only enterprise in the Republic of Uzbekistan that produces bacteriophages against pathogens of human infectious diseases.

Production facilities are located in the industrial zone of the Yunusabad district of Tashkent. The building is isolated, the planning takes into account all the requirements imposed on the buildings for the production of medical and immunobiological preparations.

Today LLC " Aziya immunopreparat "produces:

  • - Bacteriophage staphylococcal liquid “MediPhag”. 10ml x number 5 Registered.
  • - Bacteriophage staphylococcal liquid “MediPhag”. 20 ml x No. 4 Registered.
  • - Bacteriophage staphylokokkovy liquid “MediPhag ” (spray), 20 ml x No. 1 Registered
  • - Bacteriophage dysenteric polyvalent “MediPhag”. 20 ml x No. 4 Registered
  • - Bacteriophage dysenter iy polyvalent “MediPhag ” (capsules) No. 20 Registered
  • - Bacteriophage Salmonella Liquid “MediPhag”. 20 ml x No. 4. At the registration stage .
  • - Bacteriophage Salmonella Liquid “MediPhag” "(Capsules) No. 20 . At the registration stage.
  • - Bacteriophage coli liquid MediPhag. At the development stage.
  • - Bacteriophage sinemolytic liquid “MediPhag”. At the development stage.